PAX South 2020: Baby’s First Convention!

Mommy-and-Me Jedi costumes!

When you’ve done conventions for as long as I have, they become a part of your identity. The excitement and inspiration for new costumes, the meet-ups with friends we haven’t seen in months or years, Artist Alley filled with incredibly brilliant pieces, the occasion of bumping into a celebrity, and the bustle of the convention floor become engrained into your very soul. Sure, I complain about how crowded certain conventions have become *coughSDCCcough*, but despite my annoyances, I inevitably end up joyously anticipating the next one I can attend. When I became a military spouse and then a mom, I began to fear that cherished piece of my identity would certainly become a distant memory. With the constant moving to new locations every few years, how could I develop a community similar to what I was already familiar with in California? When a friend came to visit me in Texas during PAX South, I decided to do that craziest thing I imagined: attend a convention I’ve never been to before with a toddler all on my own.

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Achievement Unlocked: Nursing & Pwning Noobs

hazel gaming

About two months before Hazel was born, I went ham on video games because I knew after she was born, there would be precious little time for anything that didn’t involve taking care of her. Don’t get me wrong, I normally log away arguably too many hours immersed in whatever my favorite game happens to be at the time, but this gave me an excuse to really overdo it. Picture this: a 185 pound, 9 months pregnant woman bouncing around on a fitness ball screaming obscenities that would make George Carlin blush. My husband was seriously concerned that Hazel’s first word might be less than socially acceptable. Then she was born and nothing else mattered in the world except keeping her alive and healing my body and mind. Slowly but surely the days started to get easier as naps started regulating, breastfeeding became second nature, and multitasking was starting to make a comeback. The natural progression for me was to attempt an online match or two with friends while the baby was preoccupied with a boob sandwich. It was an absolute success which not only made me feel normal again, but also made me realize it was possible to still fulfill “me time” as a new mom. Continue reading

Hello there! *in best Obi-Wan voice*

IMG_20180605_211535_646Well, I’m FINALLY getting around to writing this “geek mom” blog I was so previously ecstatic to start when I was in my first trimester. Obviously, pregnancy sapped my motivation and any last “give a fuck” I might have in reserve – because let’s be honest, living every day for four months with the worst kind of sea-sick like nausea I’ve ever experienced combined with hormone fluctuations that make me feel like I’m basically a bloated wildebeest for the next five months will likely cause anyone to hermit themselves. But hey, now that Hazel is two months old, now is as good a time as any, right?

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